Pain (Mental and Physical)

    •    If I move the pain returns.  Moving doesn’t help.  There’s more blue than I thought.  I breath out more blue.
    •    When I feel there is nowhere to go, I give up, I give up.  Then I pray to the Guru for help (but I need to really give up).
    •    Meditate in the morning and let go of any stress, anxiety, fear and worry with the blue light.
    •    Realise that everyone is in pain.  Think of my neighbour who is more pain than me.
    •    Think of people with more pain – those in hospital, or on TV.  Consider the pettiness of my pain.  Feel as if I’m learning to do this for them too and stick to my promise (not to move from the cushion).
    •    Analyse the physical sensation:  Heat?  Pressure? Dull?  Sharp?  Where’s the epicentre?
    •    I can give up while recognising that it’s changing.  Realise it’s impermanent.  Have a good cry.
    •    Label it as pain and reflect ‘I was told it would come’.
    •    Use as a mantra:  “Pain is inevitable.  Suffering is optional.”
    •    If I can manage this pain sitting here, I’ll be better able to deal with the pain when not sitting.  Make friends with the pain.
    •    Focus on the pain.  Find its centre.  Notice throbbing and changing, sometimes stronger, sometimes mild.  Give gratitude for the aching part – gratitude that that part wasn’t painful for the whole day.
    •    Recognise that the pain is only small and that so much of the body is not in pain and appreciate those parts.
    •    Recognise that my body is working.  Be grateful that the nerves and receptors are working well.  “If I was paralysed, there would be no pain”.
    •    Remember to thank the pain.  Remember that my motivation is to do this for all beings.
    •    Pain is a subjective experience and really mostly mental, of karmic origin.
    •    Relax, do not hold a rigid pose.  If I must I will calmly and mindfully move, and come back to the posture rather than maintaining the stress of having to do it ‘right’.


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