Geshe Samten was born in Solukhumbu, Nepal, on the way to Mount Everest, in 1981. He became a monk in 1993 at Kopan Monastery, where he studied for almost 23 years. After this, Geshe Samten went to Sera Jay Monastery and Gudmay College in south India where he completed his Geshe Degree. The Geshe degree is an academic degree in Philosophy and training the mind equivalent to our PhD.

While at Kopan, Geshe Samten undertook retreat and he is planning to do a longer retreat after he returns to Nepal.

Few people have the opportunity to study the philosophy and mind training necessary to become an expert in meditation practices and understanding the mind.  In the Buddhist Monastic tradition there is a thorough programme which has been followed with success for generations.  Kopan Monastery and the International Buddhist Academy do welcome anyone from any race and religious background to study there and courses are available every year in English.

Geshe Samten will talk to us about the benefits of meditation and inspire us to continue our interest in this subject.