Frequently asked Questions

    •    Do I have to sit on the floor?
No, there are chairs available.  Sitting on a chair is fine.  If possible now and then it might be worthwhile to try sitting on the floor on cushions for the experience (you can use a pile) but some people are ‘chair sitters’, some people have injuries, etc.  We are all individual.

    •    My eyes water when I meditate?  What is happening?
Most of us have this experience at some stage in meditation.  Just ignore it and it will pass.

    •    Do I have to meditate with my eyes shut?
It is best to meditate with your eyes open – otherwise you might fall asleep or the mind might just zone out and become very dull.  Zoning out is not meditation – it is a state of mind very close to sleep.  If we meditate with our eyes open then it becomes very easy to maintain mindfulness throughout the day as the mind is used to dealing with visual distractions.

    •    What should I wear?
Wear comfy, loose clothing.  Nothing tight.  Trackpants are ideal. But comfy (not tight) jeans etc are fine.  (If you are coming to the morning class the room is on the cool side so bring some warm jumpers and/or a blanket.)  Wearing layers is good.

    •    I find myself in a lot of pain?  Why is this?
Every meditator experiences pain and physical discomfort at times or all the time.  You can move to a more comfortable position.  Experiencing pain shows that your mind is alert and engaging with the practice.  .  There are many techniques you will be taught to deal with pain and discomfort.  

    •    My mind seems to be getting worse now I am meditating, what is going on?
When we first start to meditate we can experience ‘a waterfall of thoughts’ (or a whole ‘orchestra’ of thoughts).  This is how our mind is all the time.  Usually we are so distracted with our activities we do not see it.  As you continue to meditate, the mind will begin to calm down.  Do not be alarmed by this experience.  It is a very good sign. It means you are meditating.

    •    My mind is so crazy with busy-ness – am I wasting my time? 

No you are never wasting your time when you meditate.  You must set your motivation to begin with (include others in this), meditate, and afterwards, dedicate – make the wish that the act of meditation will benefit yourself and those around you.  Definitely benefits will come.  Meditation is an act of befriending ourselves and through this process we can help and accept others.

    •    How can sitting here doing nothing, help me get all the jobs, I have to do, done?
Meditation helps us prioritise our busy day.  With a clear mind we can see what is important to our lives.  It will give us the confidence to be strong willed so that we chose how we spend our time.

    •    How can I meditate with young children demanding my attention all the time?  
Your children will benefit from your meditation and may even join you after a while.  Very young children may constantly demand your attention – treat them kindly and firmly.  Perhaps you will need to practice before they wake or when they are asleep.  Flexibility is important here.

    •    When will I get some results?
Meditation helps to calm the mind, teaches us patience and kindness and helps us deal with all events in our lives, including illness, conflict, loss,disappointment, old age and death.  With practice, the mindfulness we learn can spread throughout our lives giving us an inner contentment and peace.  With daily practice many people experience a subtle change in their minds by the end of the course which inspires them to continue.